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We are very grateful for your help with our little puppy. Thank you for your beautiful heart and human warmth. God bless you all every day. Thank you Christ for your hope and mercy.
Of course I recommend this 24/7 E H. 😍
Omnilife S.

U.S. Navy vet. My German shepherd got into some rat poison and had to be rushed to their ER. Not only were they quick to jump on the situation. But had a lot of payment options to help cover the cost of urgent care. Even though I caught what he had ingested almost immediately if it was not for there staff and ( vet Eve shaws), knowledge of the commonly used poison ingredients, this navy vet would be without his 8-month-old baby. I said it once I’ll say it again.. You guys are saints
Khalil R.

The staff and doctor were really friendly. Will come again.

We recently had to take our Shepard to Fresno Vet Emergency on Fresno St it was on a sat afternoon from her having multiple seizures, I was very impressed with the service we had as they took my Cali in asap and Dr Strickland was very Professional as she thoroughly explained reasons that could be causing the seizures and what they would recommend as far as treatment. Cali did spend the night and we picked her up 24 hrs later. It’s been a week and no seizures and Cali is starting to get back to her ole self. It’s pleasing to know that the staff truly cares and shows alot of compassion for our loved pets.
Thank you for the help when Cali needed it oh and I got a partial refund on the payment I made, true honesty on top of it
Jimmy L.

They were wonderful! Thank you for being so amazing!
Angelo G.

Wonderful care and compassion when our mama kitty who we had for 15 years passed.
Nina K.

I took my cat in for something I thought that was rather urgent, though totally treatable. The vet realized right away that his symptoms were not normal for diabetes, and, though my budget was extremely tight, suggested the appropriate course of action to determine that it was NOT his diabetes acting up and that something far more serious and, unfortunately, not treatable was happening with him. She was compassionate, caring, and treated us both expertly with experienced guidance.

I received a condolence card a few days ago and couldn’t bear to open it but I just did and they sent me his paw prints. I could NOT be more touched! I cannot tell you how much these paw prints mean to me. Abel was my family for 14 years, my service animal, and one of my closest friends. Thank you so much.

Charlene S.

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