What To Expect


What to expect from your visit:

1. At the time of arrival, you will be greeted with prompt, courteous and professional assistance from our receptionist. You will be required to complete documentation that is vital for your visit. At this time your pet will also be triaged (assessed) by our staff.
2. If your pet’s condition requires immediate intervention your pet will be escorted to the treatment area to be assessed by the doctor. At this time the staff may ask for an approval of a Critical Care authorization form. This allows the doctor to initiate life-saving treatment as well as initial diagnostics.
3. Following a detailed exam of your pet, the doctor will meet with you to go over initial exam findings and the best course of treatment for your pet. At this time you will be presented with a treatment plan that outlines diagnostics, medications, treatments as well as cost.

Other visit expectations:

1. During your pets stay in the hospital they may be cared for by different doctors. As a result of this, you may speak to different people during the course of your pet’s visit to 24/7 Petvets. Rest assured that our doctors communicate with each other about the care and best treatment plan for your beloved family member.
2. We understand that having a pet in the hospital can be a worrisome time for you as a pet owner. While you are welcome to call at any time, please be aware that doctor rounds are twice daily from 7 to 8 AM and 7 to 8 PM. All other times questions regarding your pet’s medical status will be answered by our qualified technical staff. Please note that only doctors can answer detailed medical questions or interpret lab test results.
3. You are always welcome to visit your pet during it hospitalization. As a busy Emergency and critical care hospital it is difficult to predict when the best time for a visit will be. Always call ahead so that we can plan for your visit and minimize any wait time. For the safety of our patients, we ask that no children under 12 years old be permitted to visit the critical treatment areas of the hospital.
4. Billing information: prior to your departure you will be given an estimate for proposed care for your pet. We require a deposit for all patients that are hospitalized. Each day you will receive an update from a staff member to keep you aware of current charges. If additional treatment, hospitalization or procedures are authorized and additional deposit may be asked for. We accept a variety of payment options including cash, checks, cashier checks, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American express and discover), CareCredit (carecredit.com) and scratch pay (www.scratchpay.com). Check payments will be run through Telecheck and the funds will be taken out of your account electronically.

Have a question? We have an answer!

Please complete the form below and a member of our staff will get back to you as quickly as possible. If this is an emergency situation, please call us at 559.486.0520.