We’ve already discussed certain digestible hazards for your pet during the holidays, but there’s more to watch out for. Bright lights, burning fires, big trees, and more can cause serious issues for your pet. 24/7 PetVets is always here for you when you need us! Click here to learn more about our emergency services. Just a friendly reminder – you will find the best emergency and critical care services available at 24/7 PetVets.

Fire and burning: This time of year there tends to be more wires, candles, hot surfaces in the kitchen, chew toys with batteries in them – all can cause serious damage to your pet. Please be sure to keep candles out of reach, animals out of the kitchen while cooking, and make sure all toys (pet and human) are kept away from them to protect them from themselves.

Choking Hazards: Small toys, Christmas decor, and plenty more will be scattered around the house during the holidays. Make sure to watch the floor for anything that can get trapped in your pet’s mouth! Cats love tinsel, but tinsel does not love cats. Swallowing tinsel and other stringy items, like yarn and ribbon, can lead to a bowel obstruction, vomiting, dehydration, and even death.

Toxic substances: You wouldn’t eat tinsel, but your cat might! It’s not just decor, mistletoe, Christmas tree water, chocolate, onions, xylitol in gum and other candy can all cause serious health issues for your pet, including death. Keep the human food on the human table, and give your pets some special animal-friendly holiday treats instead.

Not to worry, we’re here to help. In addition to being a top-rated emergency hospital in the area, we’re also AAHA-Accredited! What does it mean to be an Accredited Member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)? AAHA establishes exacting standards for veterinary practices and fosters professionalism and excellence in all phases of hospital operations. We voluntarily meet these high standards so we can provide you with superior service each and every time you visit.

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